I LOVE when rescue dogs learn new things. We have had a brand new beefy dog bone sitting in Spartans cage for about a week now. It’s like he had never seen one and had no idea what to do with it. But after watching my dogs chew on bones he has finally figured out the wonderful delight of dog bones 


Spartan continues to thrive. He is gaining his strength daily, as he proves to me every time I put him on a leash. He is getting his muscle and stamina back and loves wrestling with the other dogs. He continued to gain weight even though he had a couple off days where he was refusing food. He is acting better and back to eating. His hair is growing back at a steady pace and is feeling healthier. The pads of his feet had a set back last week, he was terrified of me putting anything on his feet to protect them and every time he went outside it took seconds before they were bleeding, even with protectant. But they are closed back up and doing well this week. I can’t wait to take him to the vet to see how much weight he has gained.


Well Spartan has a new trick. Anyone watched Zootopia? When one wolf howls and it starts “a howl” because once one does it they all do? Well, our dear Spartan thinks it’s fun to start a howl in my house at 6:30 in the morning for the last 2 mornings. Thanks bud!!! 


Spartan is feeling a lot better and has a lot more energy. He has also made a new best friend, Dixie (beagle in photo) which is super fun to watch. But also caused him to play to hard and trip himself today. He’s got a limp now. So they can only be friends on limited interaction for a while and Spartan is now on leash walks only until I see how his leg feels tomorrow. Otherwise, he’s doing great, eating great, and taking all his meds like a champ. His energy level is also causing some awesome blurry pictures


Body condition week 1 
January 15th, day three of him being in our rescue. While he’s definitely starting to show some personality and spunk he still is very weak. He wants to walk around and play but doesn’t have the muscle mass and stamina to go for very long. His legs shake when he stands on them for to long. He stumbles quite a bit and falls occasionally when he starts to get tired. We have to monitor him closely with the other dogs so he doesn’t get hurt while playing. He split open the end of his tail and now has an open sore we are treating. 
Very flaky and dry skin. 
50% hair loss
52 lbs